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Search Engine Marketing – Google Ads


For every business at some point in time, it becomes a need to do paid promotions for reasons like quick brand awareness, increase reach by making people aware about the brand product services, promotional offers, dominate competitors on Google Search results.


At the end of this module you will learn to achieve goals, return on investments with less budget spend. You will learn tips to optimize the campaigns and get optimal results. Master the skills to increase conversions, increase brand awareness and traffic, optimize campaigns


✔ Understanding inorganic search results
✔ Introduction to Google Ads & PPC advertising
✔ Setting up Google Ads account
✔ Keyword Research and Planning
✔ Understanding types of keywords – Board, Phrase, exact, synonym & negative
✔ Understanding Ads account structure Campaigns, Adgroups, Ads, Keywords, etc
✔ Types of Advertising campaigns- Search, Display, Mobile Apps, Shopping & video
✔ Difference between search & display campaign
✔ Creating Different Campaigns Types – Search, Display, Video, Mobile Apps
✔ Configuring Campaign level settings, Understanding different targeting options
✔ Understanding different types of bidding strategy- Manual, Automatic, Advanced level bid strategies
✔ Writing compelling Ad copies and different ads extension
✔ Understanding Ads Algorithm and how does Ads rank work, importance of quality score
✔ Setting up Conversions Tracking
✔ Creating Remarketing Campaigns
✔ Understanding different ad metrics and reports to measure the performance


✔ Google Ads
✔ Google Keyword Planner
✔ Google Adwords editor

Google Ads Overview

Understanding inorganic search results

Introduction to Google Ads & PPC advertising

Setting up Google Ads account

Understanding keywords and different match types

Understanding Ads account structure

Types of Advertising campaigns- Search - Display - Shopping - Video - Mobile Apps

Understand different bidding stratergies to control on your Ad spend and get maximum results

Difference between search & display campaign

Understanding Ads algorithm (adrank) in detail with examples and How to Ads rank ads

Understanding quality score and its improtance

Assignment Promises

Set up Google Ads Account to run ads on Google.com and Google’s associated properties

Understand how to create ad-groups, write catchy ad text and select keywords to run and optimize your ad campaign’s performance

Create and run responsive ads on Google Display Network to show your ads on all devices

Create in-stream and video discovery ad to target audience based on demographics and interest

Connect your marketing objective to Ads solutions to achieve a business’s objective

Setting up Conversion and tracking the same

Setting up Remarketing Campaigns

Setting up Dynamic Ads

Competitor Analysis

Measuring the performance and optimizing the campaigns

These assignments will require running live Google Ads Campaigns by spending Minimum INR 500

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Search Engine Marketing – Google Ads