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Social Media Marketing


Social Media is the most powerful tool that we use for Digital Marketing and has become compulsory for all the brands to have their presence on social media channels.


Learn the skills to engage your audience by creating awesome content, increase brand awareness, reach and how to leverage different social media channels by making the brand popular on social media.


✔ Introduction to Social Media Marketing and its Evolution
✔ Creating Business optimized Facebook page
✔ Creating Facebook advertising campaign with b
✔ Introduction to LinkedIn Marketing
✔ Creating optimized Company profile on LinkedIn
✔ LinkedIn advertising & it’s best practices
✔ Twitter Marketing for brands
✔ Advertising on Twitter
✔ Introduction to WhatsApp marketing
✔ Creating and optimizing whatsApp business account
✔ How brands can integrate whatsApp business and increase their reach
✔ Introduction to YouTube Marketing
✔ Creating Brand channels on YoutTube
✔ Preparing Social Media calendar
✔ Designing social media strategy
✔ Tips to increase followers and engagement on social media channels


✔ Buffer
✔ Hootsuite
✔ Social mention
✔ Tweet Deck
✔ Facebook Ads library
✔ Facebook Text overlay tool
✔ Facebook Audience Insights
✔ Hastagify
✔ Buzzsumo

Understanding Facebook marketing

Creating Facebook page

Increasing fans/follwers/engagement

Facebook advertising

Types of Facebook advertising

Best practices for Facebook advertising

Creating Facebook advertising campaign

Targeting in ad campaign

Payment module- CPC vs CPM vs CPA

Setting up conversion tracking

Creating remarketing campaigns

Linkedin Marketing

What is LinkedIn?

Understanding LinkedIn

Company profile vs Individual profiles

Understanding Linkedin groups

How to do marketing on LinkedIn groups

Linkedin advertising & it’s best practices

Increasing ROI from LinkedIn ads

Creating Company pages on LinkedIn

Advertising on LinkedIn

Twitter Marketing

Understanding Twitter

Tools to listen & measure Influence on Twitter: TweetDeck



How to do marketing on Twitter

Advertising on Twitter

Creating campaigns on Twitter

Types of ads on Twitter

Tools for Twitter Marketing

Setting up conversions and remarketing

Whatsapp marketing

How to create whatsapp business account

How brands can integrate whatsapp business and increase their reach

Preparing Social Media calendar and designing social media stratergy

Assignment Promises

Learn to create a profitable Facebook page that converts the viewers into customers.

Build your network of existing customers and potential customers while making yourself reliable in the eyes of the audience.

Post impactful content on Social Media networks to target the audience and provoke them to make a purchase.

Create and run effective ad campaigns to target the relevant audience who are interested in your offering.

Build your fan base on Twitter to create a buzz about your business and products.

Learn to strategize social media marketing and create a social media plan

These assignments will require running live Facebook Ad Campaigns by spending Rs 500.

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Social Media Marketing