WordPress Webiste Workshop

About the workshop
When it comes to website development WordPress is the most popular open source software used to create the websites, because of it’s flexibility and affordability. The beauty is even you don’t have the coding knowledge you can develop the website easily. Anyone can learn to create amazing WordPress websites. In This WordPress workshop you will lean to create the professional websites, e-commerce websites and blogging sites. This workshop is tailored to help you create a website that is unique, professional-looking, and responsive. Whether you’re a fitness blogger, a entrepreneur or a small business owner, this WordPress workshop assists you in creating a professional and appealing WordPress websites. Learn to create fully functional websites.

What you will learn

✔ Introduction to different types of websites
✔ Concepts of domain and hosting
✔ Assistance to get most affordable domain and hosting for your websites and configuring the same.
✔ Planning and Designing sense for your website
✔ Selection of best themes according to your category of website
✔ Overview of WordPress Dashboard
✔ Explore WordPress settings in depth
✔ Creating pages like Home, About Us, Portfolio, Services
✔ Creating posts and blog pages
✔ Creating fully functional e-commerce websites with product pages and payment gateways, shipping configuration
✔ Concept of plugins to add the additional feature of your website like contact forms, pop up forms, social media plugins

Build Brand Awareness And Scale Business Through Social Media Marketing

What you will learn

✔Facebook Business Marketing
✔Facebook Advertising
✔Facebook Competitor Analysis
✔Earning through Facebook
✔Instagram for Business
✔Instagram Analysis
✔Instagram Advertising
✔YouTube Marketing
✔ Earning Through YouTube
✔ Strategies to Boost the Business on Social Media Channels
✔Top 10 Social Media Tools
✔ Tips to boost followers and engagement on social media channels

How To Promote Business Through Email Marketing

What you will learn

✔ Introduction to Email marketing
✔ Types of emails used in marketing
✔ Creating a permission-based audience list
✔ How to write successful emails
✔ Advantages of email marketing
✔ Mailchimp tool for email marketing
✔ Database creation for email marketing
✔ Designing emails
✔ How to avoid spams with email
✔ Creating campaigns
✔ Measuring your email marketing campaigns