15 Ways To Boost Website Traffic Without Paid Ads

As we are aware that for small brands or start ups it might be difficult to advertise all the time, due to limitation in budgets. Hence it is always advisable to rank on the Search Engine Result Page like Google, Yahoo, Bing. It is also applicable to big brands whose advertising spend is good but to rank organically also matters. One of the key success to rank is to have good website traffic organically.

Let us discuss the best ways through which you can boost website traffic without paid Ads.

1. Creative an effective content
There is an old saying of the past several years i.e. the content is king. Your content is what defines your website and get traffic on your sites . The quality of content writing is what represents your website. The uniqueness of your articles and blog posts is what separates you from all of the other sites out there on the internet. Your content should serve the purpose of educating and entertain your users

So what does content look like? The following points should be considered for your contents effectiveness:

  • Length & Format

Earlier of the online world, all it took was a handful of 100-words articles to earn high rankings with the search engines. But today, entire trend is changed & it’s a completely different story.

it’s a good idea to vary the length and format of each piece you create according to the demand.

Always  try to change up the type of content you produce from time to time like try news-driven blog posts, in-depth lists on industry-related topics and one-on-one interviews on PR sites.

  • Convincing Headlines

A headline is one of the most important elements of your content which is attracting to the audience. Since 40 percent of Google News readers scan the headlines without clicking on the articles, you have to encourage them to click your story.

Here are tips to help you come up with a click valuable headline:

  • Insert a number into the headline.
  • Use question-based headlines for your content. Many websites have built reputations using this method, so it will give good benefit.
  • Case study headlines have proven quite effective, especially for specialized services which is successfully urge to audience.
  • Take advantage of various headline tools to generate click friendly headlines and drive traffic towards your content

2. Include Evergreen, Trending, Updates, News Content

Evergreen content remains relevant for a long period of time like How to Use Twitter whereas News content relates to something that recently happened in the world of Technology, science, business and so on. Evergreen content is important for driving long-term results, but news-related pieces are great for generating a quick traffic & engage the audience for a short of span.

The key point  of evergreen content  is that if it is produced correctly in an understandable and entertaining way then it creates long-term viewership. Your viewers will again and again visit your site to read the content. In this way you can retain your existing audiences and maintain the website traffic. It is also very important that you keep your call-to-actions relevant and generate new evergreen, fresh and updated articles on a regular basis.

3. Lists & Infographics

This types of content styles work very well as by having proper list the main points of the content can be highlighted and user can easily understand what all topics are covered in the content. Paragraphs looks boring and user might loose interest in reading your content. Also users don’t read word by word, hence having list is always helpful.
As it is said that picture speaks a worth thousand words, to make your content more appealing you should always use good and relevant infographics.

4 Guest-blogging & Outsourcing

Guest-blogging also known as guest posting is still a popular and effective method for building traffic on your website. It refers to the term where you invite other experts to write on other websites. You can invite the guest blogger write for similar blogs within their industry in order to: Attract traffic back to their website. Boost their domain authority using external links to high-authority domains.

Whether you are personally guest-blogger or you are inviting others to guest-blog on your website, it will lead to links and attract new readers to your website. While you are selecting guest posting opportunities, you have to be careful to publish high-quality, insightful content as well as to only share your content on sites that maintain equally high standards.

Following rules to keep in mind for guest-blog posting:

  • Link to the post from your blog to help it gain visibility.
  • Promote and share it on your social media profiles.
  • Greet the publisher for giving an opportunity you to post as guest.
  • Respond to comments who have commented.

5. Experts Interview

Recording an interview can add more value to your content and give your website more credibility Also, when you publish the interview on your blog, it will likely prompt the source to share it around on other sites like social media and expanding the reach of your writing even further.

6. Get a Responsive Website

Responsive means websites while loading automatically adjusting to the size of the device without truncating any elements. Today, Internet users are surfing the web with their laptops, smart-phones, tablets, iPads so that your website must be responsive to these all types of mobile browsers & open easily. If your website is mobile-friendly, then as per search engine norms you will be eligible to rank, visitors will also open your website and see if it is not responsive they will leave your site leading to more bounce rate which indirectly is a negative factor for ranking the website and may never come back to visit your site. They might find your competitor who has better website.

7. Website loading Speed

Every website should consider when it comes to attracting and retaining visitors. Users don’t have enough time to wait for websites to load. Here is what the stat says:

  • 0.1 Second:  If the website responds instantly, users don’t feel in control anymore and believes they are being manipulated.
  • 1 Second: Experts saying that 1 second is the right amount of time for loading a webpage. Users will notice the minor delay, but maintain their guide of thought and then continue browsing.
  • 10 Seconds: At this point, users will clearly notice the delay, feel they are not in control and will exit the website.

8. A Perfect Design and Professional Website

You are very well aware that website design and layout is very important. What this really means is that visitors have to understand what your website is all about. The other things need to consider that auto play videos, pop-up advertisements, irrelevant ad copy should be elements to avoid in most cases which makes your websites looks Spammy. if you desire to keep your visitors give satisfaction and sense of trust towards your brands. So make your websites like visitor can willingly spend enough on it.

Website design should take into account facts:

  • Photos should be of real people.
  • Photos should contain product details & features.
  • High resolution photos are beneficial.

9. Social Media Campaign

The fact is social media has become an essential part of marketing , create & run social media campaign on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram in order to get good amount of traffic on your sites . Every small or big business website and blog needs to be other there, Liking, sharing and interacting on the major social media outlets that are appropriate for their audiences. Without a detailed social media and general marketing plan that incorporates the following strategies, there’s no way your site is going to get noticed online.

10. Posting on LinkedIn

LinkedIn as just a social network used to find work, connect with other business professionals and show off your credentials. But if you are start to posting content LinkedIn on a weekly basis can seriously improve your website traffic. It also allows you to connect with other professionals in your field & may be get chance to generate good business.

11. Email Marketing

Email marketing is supporting your websites in order to gain new customers and followers have put more of their attention on content marketing and social media marketing at the expense of this traditional form of internet marketing. Though, it is highly an effective tool for B2B business.

12. Participate in Community and various groups in your niche

To show off your ability in your field, make it a point to participate in active comments sections in your field which will present that you are engaging & interest in that field whether through newspaper websites or blogs or social media chats. It would be better to provide a thought-provoking response to the written article or share your contradictory view on the subject at hand.

13. Engage with Your Audience

Maintaining a website, producing content, and managing all the other daily activities, it is definitely get in the way of engaging audience.   Engaging with your audience should be take as much of a business plan as writing articles and performing data infographics & analytics.

14. Host multiple Contests

Hosting a multiple contest can certainly improve traffic, generate new leads, audience engagement and create brand awareness about your products & services. In current trend, there are many contests are hosting on social media platform like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram.

Following mentioned are core contests that all websites should be running at regular interval in order to connect networking as well as audience engagement:

  1. Writing contests
  2. Video contests
  3. Photo contests
  4. Challenge contests
  5. Naming contests
  6. Review contests

15. Conduct Monthly Webinar

You will have to actively promote your event on social media and on your website to attract attendees. It’s also a good idea to post a follow-up video, as well as the webinar itself, just if in case the audience missed it.

Following core steps to get started with regular webinars:

  • Select a subject and choose an optimized headline to assist your site gain footing in the search rankings.
  • Design a landing page specifically created for your webinar.
  • Review your webinar interaction, record it and present your content.
  • Record a one-minute video showing viewers that what things they going to covered from the webinar.

The Content and SEO goes hand in hand when it comes to organic traffic.

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How To Create A Social Media Strategy In 6 steps with S.M.A.R.T goals

About Social Media Marketing:

Social Media has become utmost important digital marketing channel for brands to communicate with their existing audiences and reach to new audiences. It is also has become an integral part for brands to share content, updates, information across social media channels like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Whatsapp being widely used and many other social media channels as well. Before diving in depth let us look some data for all these channels

So now with all these varied options available how do we decide that which Social Media channels to choose for our brands, how to succeed with Social Media to be on top notch with so many competitors?

The solution is planning a good Social Media Marketing Strategy for the brand with the right channel mix

What is a Social Media Marketing Strategy?

A social media marketing strategy can be define as a summary of everything you propose to do towards achieving the goals using social media. It involves rigorous planning and analyzing your effort too. It guides your actions and allows you to know whether you’re succeeding or failing. Every posting that is done, a reply, or like, and comment should be driving toward defined goals.

Let’s see how you can create a social media marketing plan in 6 steps :

Step 1: Create social media marketing goals and objectives

The first step to any social media marketing strategy is to determine the objectives and goals that you need to achieve
Having these objectives will also allow you to quickly react when social media campaigns are not meeting your expectations.
If goals are not set, you cannot have any means to gauge your success or prove your social media return on investment (ROI). Most Important thing to take into consideration is that as you write your goals, keep your audiences in mind. Choosing the proper social media goals can make a good impact on your business.

Step 2: Use the S.M.A.R.T. goal framework

When it involves setting social media goals, we recommend using the S.M.A.R.T goal framework—goals that are specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and timely. Let’s take a glance at each of the five qualities and the way they repose on each other.

Specific Increasing your social media reach, for instance , may be a great goal. But what does that mean, exactly? does one want 50 followers, 500, or 5,000? And on which social network? By having goals that are clear, specific, and not very generic interpretation, you will definitely save on time and energy , and obtain closer to your ultimate goals that you wish to achieve.

Measurable If you cannot measure what you are hoping to achieve , your goal is not specific enough and it likely that it is not really contributing to your business.
Maybe you would like to use social media as a channel for customer service. How will you understand that it’s working or not. A rise in tweets for your brand by your customers? Decreased phone queries and emails over the span of a couple of months? When it involves success, the numbers matter. Hence just do not measure to know you were successful—know how successful you were.

Attainable Have your social accounts contributed to the present particular metric within the past? Use that information to align with your goals that are within your reach. If you have been ready to reach a previously stated goals on, say, Facebook, you know that it can be done. Take the appropriate steps to attain.

Relevant If your goal is to focus on using social media to drive traffic to your website than, say for e.g. staying on top of your Instagram mentions. Ensure that your goal is highly relevant to your business’s success.

Timely Commit to a time-frame to succeed in your goals. By giving yourself a deadline, you will be easily able to less inclined to procrastinate.  This will keep you accountable.

Now let us understand S.M.A.R.T. goal with example:

Let’s say if one of your business goals is to drive more sales for your products —and you are using Instagram to showcase your products—then a simple, S.M.A.R.T. social media goal might look like this:
“We will grow our brands Instagram following by 100 new followers per week.”
Hence the above goal is specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and timely. Remember, S.M.A.R.T. goals are only truly smart if they present all the five characteristics. If you are missing on the timeliness factor, for example, then it would be impossible to determine how successful a social campaign or strategy really was.

Step 3: Conduct a social media audit

Setting the social media goals and objectives is the first and the foremost step towards crafting a winning social media marketing plan. Next comes an audit part of your existing social channels. This will help you to establish baseline targets, and then set appropriate goals for improvement.

Step 4: Create or improve your social media accounts

Once you have completed with your social media audit, now it is time to work on your online presence. Choose which networks best meet with your social media goals.

Step 5: Gather social media marketing inspiration:

Not very sure that what kind of content and information will get you the most brand engagement? For better vision, you can look to what others in your industry are sharing and use social media listening tools to see how you can distinguish yourself from competitors and appeal to prospects they might be missing.

Step 6: Create a content marketing plan aligned with a social media calendar

Having great content that you can share with your audience will be the most essential part in succeeding at social media. Your social media marketing plan should include a content marketing plan

Your content marketing plan should easily able to cater the answers of the following questions:
1. What are the types of content that you intend to post and promote on social media channels?
2. Who is your target audience for the type of content that you are going to curate?
3. How frequently you will be posting your content?
4. What resources you have that will create the content?
5. What will be the execution plan to promote the content?

Example of the promotion calendar
Source: coschedule

Your social media calendar lists the dates and times you intend to publish on social media like Instagram and Facebook posts, tweets, and other content. It is the perfect place to plan all your social media activities—from images and link sharing to blog posts and videos—encompassing both your day-to-day posting and content for social media campaigns.
Create the calendar and then schedule your messaging in advance rather than updating regularly throughout the day.

Ensure that:
• 80% of your posts should inform, educate, and entertain your audiences
• Only 20% of your post should directly promote your brand

A great Social Media Marketing campaign can help a company build a strong online reputation, increase brand awareness, encourage traffic and sales conversions. Those who do not include a digital marketing strategy before initiating a digital campaign they cannot prosper. Hashtags also plays a major role use them in campaigns regularly. With hashtags, you can: Categorize posts , Grab attention ,Drive conversions , and harness the power of popular topics on social media

How brands can help through digital medium to their consumers during coronavirus pandemic

There is no doubt of many people during lockdown have discovered with many DO YOURSELF (DIY) projects, it can be cooking, baking, taking care of their fitness, making your own sanitizer, beauty and whatnot. A query like how to make a homemade mask is also on the rise. Many of us now are finding ourselves doing things that would have been never anticipated, and that too in just months due to the coronavirus.

Search Interests for “how to query” have spiked drastically globally, in the past few months. While with the Coronavirus turbulence people are mostly nurturing new skills and hobbies, we should not forget that right now the reality is that a normal course of life and business is no more a regularity.

All organizations are touched by this pandemic. If we talk about search trends and consumer’s behavior towards the brand, it has also been shifted drastically, In these times we as marketers play a major role in the success of brands. Especially marketer concern is to now look that at how we can make our brands to be more helpful to their consumers.

In these difficult times, it is very important that your brands should still exist in the mind of your audience and find new opportunities whether your brand is less affected, worst affected, or not at all affected. So the question is how brands can engage?

Below are the 4 behaviors of how people are searching and how brands can help them:

1. Assembling critical information and content consumer require
This requires understanding what people are looking for and providing clear and specific information about when, how, where, and when to get the things they need.
For e.g., if you are into retail/grocery business or food supply and relevant to your brand People try to find grocery stores online who are doing home deliveries as they wish to restrict their visits to grocery stores, as nowadays they are more concern about their health and safety, and as a marketer you know people are showing more interest in searching for things like free home delivery, fresh delivery, quick delivery (Also google trends shows these queries are on the rise) with this opportunity you can provide the information like delivery time, how can they take your order on call, or if you have an app you can promote the same through social media in your area.

A classic e.g. is of Ninjacart brand – It is an India based fresh produce supply chain. It is a start-up and it is offering subsidized rates on the provisioned items like fruits and vegetables to old-age homes, orphanages, and lower economic areas in India.
If you are in a fitness business or beauty salon, you can help people with lots of tips and help with useful information.

If you are an industry that is worst affected like travel you can train travel agents or travel employees on the various products through webinars. Knowledge is never wasted, so what if for some time your business is at a halt, knowledge will always be useful once things normalize. Brands should try to utilize time with upskilling, once the things resume there can be better productivity.

Tips through which as a brand you help your consumer with critical information and content
a) Acknowledge them with the new reality – Now it is easy to get their orders delivered they no more need to visit the store.
b) Give people credible, detailed, and current scenario information about how you are operating at these time – Providing more hygiene is at your topmost priority, Delivery methods, detailed guidelines of how they can order and so on.
c) Regularly keep your consumers updated about the communications through the website, blogs, social media channels even you can update the information on Google maps/google my business.
d) During these times of emergency be flexible with your consumers regarding the cancellations, refunds and provide the best customer services – This can be a long-term impact for your brand, you the consumer will always remember you for good deeds in critical times.

2. Discovering new potentials consumers and nurturing relationships
In the current scenario we are physically apart but not virtually. Thanks to the so diverse options we have to connect through the virtual world. Related to your industry you can identify what people are discovering about and you can nurture the relationships. For instance, on YouTube, you can provide your consumers “with me videos” (According to Google trends which have risen in searches on YouTube). Where people are filming with doing ordinary tasks like cleaning, cooking, also keeping themselves fit through yoga or workouts. Many celebrities and film making production companies artists are already involved in this type of activity, especially in India.

Even Singers releasing their playback songs video and creating YouTube channels. Recently on 14th May 2020, Asha Bhosle Ji released her YouTube channel – “Asha Bhosle Official”. Many spiritual leaders like Sri Sri Ravi Shankar Ji are conducting free Meditations and there are millions of people who connect with them throughout the globe. You can also think of how your brand can nurture the relationship with your consumers.

Another classic e.g. is “Study with me” – again this is the popular search term which is most searched on YouTube, especially in countries like Singapore, Hongkong, and South Korea.
Educational institutes can provide good learning videos, for e.g. nowadays people understand digital marketing, and hence the demand to learn digital marketing courses is in demand. Digital marketing institutes can help the brand to really people understand about digital marketing and also provide some important webinars on the same to boost their interest and really discover the new potentials.

Tips through which you can connect with communities and connections
a) Look out for the innovative ways through which you can connect with your consumers locally and globally.
b) Deliberate whether your brand can help with a role play in either creating or enhancing shared experiences virtually.

3) Praising everyday heroes who are serving us
We know many news channels are informing us of how our heroes are working for us endangering their lives that too day and night. It can be healthcare staff like doctors, nurses, frontline cashiers, or delivery people who are serving us even when everything is locked down.

For instance, you can take e.g. of HDFC bank releasing the official video “Hum Haar Nahi Maanenge”. They dedicated this song to the superheroes which depict strength, togetherness, and hope. You can view the video on – https://youtu.be/2VqBlZZ4H6E
They got a good response with 20 million+ views in 10 days, India is standing strong and saying “Hum Haar Nahi Maanenge”

Similarly, Hongkong HSBSC bank which ran the display on buildings giving thanks to unsung heroes. You can watch on – https://youtu.be/8wzp0KmWtYU

Tips through which you can praise the heroes
a) Look for people who are helping citizens in such critical times, find ways to support and celebrate them.
b) Show some gratitude and applaud, also consider some heroes who are in your locality or employees.

4. Taking care of others and yourself too.
As you know with this unpredicted situation people often experience boredom, anxiety, and uncertainty, help people to take care of their physiological needs too. You can provide various hobby tips like painting, music to conduct virtual games, quizzes, competitions which they can participate by collaborating them through webinar platforms, and watch parties. Show people that you care about their wellbeing.

Even if the situation normalizes it is difficult that people will immediately visit malls or movie theatres. You can conduct virtual events.

For e.g. the famous Viviana Mall in Mumbai is conducting various events like music nights, game nights

At another instance – Book my show conducting free events for entertainment and hobbies for an instance you can find Shamak Davar free different style of dance classes session on Instagram

HDFC bank also engaging their consumers with FIN-Gage campaigns where they are having many DIY short 3 min videos, competition, games, even they are giving away the prizes to the winners.

Tips for how brands can help the consumer to enrich their lives
a). With advanced technologies, you can have virtual collaboration all around the world.

Conclusion – We shall overcome, but still normal will not be as normal as previously it used to be, we have to find an alternative and life should move on. Connecting through Digital medium is the best way

How Google Gallery Ads can be useful for your business

Google Gallery ads are interactive ads that contain a standard text headline and a display URL, it will also show swipeable image carousels— much like the ones users often see in their Facebook and Instagram feeds.

It is a proven result that with a Facebook Ads campaign spearheaded by carousel ads, they approximately achieved a 16x improvement. You can only view on mobile device top of the Search engine result page (SERP)

Google Gallery Ads

With Google Gallery ads – In addition to the ad’s headline, each individual image is accompanied by a tagline. The headline which redirects people to your landing page remains at the top of the screen as the user swipes through your carousel. You can include a minimum of four images and a maximum of eight, and each tagline has limitations of 70 characters 

Discovery ads are used to accomplish more effectively to communicate the value of your business.

Say for e.g. smartphone users in particular—turn to Google for information. When they  have problems, queries, or desires, they search on Google to learn more about the products and services. Whether you’re a hungover college kid looking for the best breakfast sandwich in town or an overworked business owner searching for an online advertising management software, it’s more than likely that you’re consulting Google for help.

How you will be charged for Discovery Ads?

Advertisers will be charged in two ways:

  • Cost per Click
    Every time when user will click on ads the advertiser will be charged
  • Cost per swipe
    If the user does not click on the headline but swipes through more then 3 images then the advertiser will be charged. If the user clicks on ads and also more then 3 images in that case user will be only charged once.

What are the benefits of Gallery ads?

Whether you’re aiming to drive sales or generate leads , gallery ads are designed to combine search with the creative display

  • The human brain processes imagery 60,000 times faster than text.
  • Consumers are more likely to retain content that incorporates visual imagery.
  • 55% of millennials say visuals are the most important part of shopping on mobile.
  • People recall 80% of what they see against 20% of what they read.

Who can benefit from using Gallery ads

Gallery ads are designed with consumer brands in mind, Both B2C and B2B companies can make effective use of them. Let’s start with B2C. Restaurants, gyms, hotels, car dealers, travel agencies, spas—if you sell something that lends itself naturally to visual images, you should give gallery ads a shot.

imagine you’re in charge of the paid search efforts for a web development company that helps small businesses build landing pages for their ad campaigns. As appealing and intuitive as your UI of the landing page may be, screenshots of it probably won’t make for the most appealing ad. but if you provide representations of the different benefits you provide—better Quality Scores, higher conversion rates, lower CPA—you could go a long way towards communicating the value of your product and branding your business as a friendly resource. So choose this feature wisely

From August 2019, gallery ads are only shown to limited advertisers, right now it is in beta version


 Adapt Gallery ads as soon as it is available, the earlier you use you will have a greater advantage over your competition. Getting early in the process will definitely get you good rewards.