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Web Analytics


Web Analytics is the most important part when it comes to digital marketing. You cannot afford to miss to do analysis. It gives you a deep insights of length and depth of overall you digital marketing efforts for all the channels like SEO, SEM, Social Media, Email Marketing. It plays a major role to know about your brands success channels


Learn how you can leverage this tool and measure the performance of all your digital marketing channels, understand, interpret reports and take necessary actions. Learn the skills to plan digital marketing strategies for brands to succeed online with different digital marketing channels.


✔ Know the power of Web Analytics
✔ Introduction to Google Analytics
✔ Understand the science behind working of Google Analytics
✔ Introduction to configure your websites with Google Analytics
✔ Introduction to different Google Analytics pre built reports
✔ Creating user Dashboard
✔ Creating Segmentation
✔ Enabling Remarketing
✔ Linking Search Console, Email, Google Ads
✔ Tracking custom campaigns
✔ Tracking and understanding various metrics like Bounce Rate, Page session
✔ Setting up Goals and conversions
✔ Creating Experiments


✔ Google Analytics
✔ Google Optimize
✔ Hotjar

Know the power of Web Analytics

Introduction to Google Analytics

How Google Analytics works

Understanding Google Analytics account structure

Understanding Google Analytics insights

Starting with Google Analytics

How to set up analytics account

How to add analytics code in website

Creating your own customize Dashboards

Creating your own customize Reports that matters

Understanding bounce & bounce rate

Difference between exit rate & bounce rate

How to reduce bounce rate Understanding goals and conversions

How to setup goals

Understanding different types of goals

How to set up funnels in goals

Importance of funnels

How to integrate Ads and Analytics account

Benefits of integrating Ads & Analytics

Measuring performance of marketing campaigns via Google Analytics

Understanding filters & segments

How to set up filters & segments

How to view customized reports

Monitoring traffic sources

Monitoring traffic behavior

Taking corrective actions if required

Remarketing with analytics

Creating expirements and implementing

Assignment Promises

  Understand how data can be presented in a storytelling format and share your observations

  Set up Google Analytics account to create a measurement model for business/blog

  Check and review business’s real-time, audience, acquisition, and behavior report

  Get yourself registered on Google Merchandise Store and understand the dashboard

Draw your campaign lifecycle and design a campaign outreach plan based on analytics data

Create A/B Testing and experiments

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Web Analytics